Nairobi, Kenya - Sanergy builds healthy, prosperous communities by making hygienic sanitation affordable and accessible throughout Africa's informal settlements.

Livelihoods Improved: 90,000
Women Impacted: 45,000
Rajasthan, India - Frontier Markets is a rural marketing, sales, and service distribution company providing access to affordable and quality consumer durables to low-income households throughout Rajasthan. To date, Frontier Markets has delivered over 643,000 products ranging from lanterns, to home lighting systems and solar inverters, through a network of 2,500 female microentrepreneurs.

Livelihoods Improved: 3,536,500
Women Impacted: 2,475,550
Gurgaon, India - Bodhi Health Education leverages low cost mobile technology such as tablets, mobile phones & existing computers at health facilities to provide scalable, high quality eLearning solutions for the primary health workers in rural India.

Livelihoods Improved: 43,000
Women Impacted: 21,500
Rajasthan, India - Karma Healthcare aims to improve access to healthcare in rural areas of South Rajasthan using technology. It provides web enabled patient doctor consultations, diagnostic services, and medicines to customers.

Livelihoods Improved: 48,974
Women Impacted: 24,487
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - EAFF produces, processes and packages fruits (pineapple, tomato, watermelon) and vegetables (sweet potato, carrots, onions, cabbage). They cultivate high quality produce on company owned farmland as well as aggregate produce from out growers.

Livelihoods Improved: 1,180
Women Impacted: 590
Kigali, Rwanda - Kasha is a mobile retail and content platform that sells women's health products such as sanitary pads and contraceptives in Rwanda.

Livelihoods Improved: 174,667
Women Impacted: 122,267
Kampala, Uganda - Numida is a Uganda based financial technology business that helps small businesses keep track of their financial records and in turn, use the cash flow and behavioral data to issue appropriately sized unsecured loans.

Livelihoods Improved: 559
Women Impacted: 216
Nairobi, Kenya - Tulaa uses mobile technology and mobile money to enable farmers to save and borrow to purchase inputs, receive tailored agronomic advice, and market their crops at harvest time. Tulaa delivers these offering through a partnership driven model – Financial Service Providers (FSPs) provide input financing, Agro-dealers provide last-mile delivery network, and Off-takers buy the harvest – making Tulaa’s model asset light.

Livelihoods Improved: 13,500

Women Impacted: 5,400
Odisha, India - Freshr is formalizing the meat industry by creating a meat aggregation and distribution model. Freshr sources high quality meat products from rural smallholder farmers, and leverages its logistics network to deliver to microentrepreneurs and consumers. The goal is to enhance livelihoods of local farmers, reduce wastages in the supply chain, and provide consumers the fresh and healthy meat products at affordable prices.

Livelihoods Improved: 117

Women Impacted: 58
Delhi, India - Lal10 is a B2B e-commerce company that solves the problem of rural artisans in India having no access to international markets. Lal10 organizes rural artisans in India into clusters, teaches modern product design, and sells handicraft products to large international clients.

Lives impacted: 1,200
Women Impacted: 780
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Rosalie is a sales agent for Kasha, a company in Beyond Capital’s portfolio, that is empowering women to take their health in their own hands. Rosalie earns a living selling women’s health products in Rwanda, on behalf of Kasha, to women living under the poverty line, in a culturally sensitive way. She delivers access to feminine sanitation products and contraceptives to her peers in discrete packaging and at secure locations because, for women in East Africa, having their period is taboo. Beyond Capital invested in Kasha in October of this year and we are honored to be a supporter of another company that is elevating the stories and standing of women. Rosalie is just one example of the impact Beyond Capital's investments are having.

ERC Eye Care provides eye care services in an inclusive, affordable, accessible and sustainable manner to the people of Assam in north east India, a region plagued by poor public healthcare and almost no private medical care.

We exited our investment in ERC Eye Care in December 2017, doubling our money, realizing a 26% IRR and improving 150,000 lives over a four-year holding period! 

Livelihoods Improved: 155,000
Women Impacted: 77,500
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Amped Innovation partners with social enterprises to design radically affordable products that address basic human needs such as energy, water and health. They focus on reducing product cost to enable rapid adoption of proven technologies.
Koosongo is a for-profit social venture, founded in 2012, between The BARKA Foundation (a US and Burkina Faso-based NGO) and Poceram (a Burkinabé ceramics company) to combat the crisis of waterborne disease in Burkina Faso through the production and distribution of ceramic water filters (CWFs).
Penda Health is a for-profit healthcare provider in Kenya. It was launched in 2011 with the goal of bringing high quality, affordable, outpatient healthcare services to low and middle-income women and their families throughout East Africa.
Project Maji was founded to provide sustainable rural water to those in need and to make an impact into the issue of water poverty in developing countries and mainly across the African continent.
Waste Ventures is Hyderabad’s first total waste solution for housing societies and corporate offices that covers organic waste and the entire range of recyclables.
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Kampala, Uganda - Numida is a Uganda based financial technology business that helps small businesses keep track of their financial records and in turn, use the cash flow and behavioral data to issue appropriately sized unsecured loans. Livelihoods Improved: 559 Women Impacted: 216

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