"It takes little effort to acknowledge and value the support of Beyond Capital and its team. Beyond Capital and Frontier Markets have complete alignment on their social missions, knowing from ground experience how critical patient capital is to match social impact with for profit principles. Additionally Beyond Capital's involvement goes far beyond money. Beyond Capital works on investing in individuals and organizations. The fund is in true partnership with social entrepreneurs, and helps them succeed through guidance in solving the world's biggest problems with market solutions in the hardest geographies in the world."


Ajaita Shah, CEO Frontier Markets, India

“As an investor Beyond Capital brought validation and visibility for ERC, which was key to securing connections to valuable stakeholders such as The World Bank.


When I see the beyond in Beyond Capital, I see trust, mentorship, and visibility for start-ups, in addition to validation of our business model by a reputed organization, and most important, a patient team that gave us time to experiment ‘beyond’ normal expectations of investors.” 


- ERC CEO, Dr. Parveez Ubed, India

"Beyond Capital truly goes 'beyond' just providing financial support. It is a one of a kind investor that has a firm vision to focus on the impact created by the beneficiary organizations and ensures that these beneficiaries stay on track to achieve their social mission, alongside the financial. In this sense Beyond Capital is truly an Impact Fund... Looking back, their support has been invaluable for us to arrive at the juncture we are at today."


Jagdeep Gambhir, CEO Karma Healthcare, India

“As a grantor and board member of Beyond Capital, I have seen first-hand Beyond Capital’s unique ability to support social enterprises that have little sources of funding or infrastructure, and provide these companies with the requisite pro bono support and mentoring. Additionally, I have been driven to commit additional funding out of my belief that Beyond Capital is achieving the goals of understanding the risk return trade-off of social enterprise investment.” 


– Gabriel Eckenstein, Geigy-Eckenstein Foundation, Switzerland

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Beyond Capital Fund is a registered 501(C)(3) charity.

We are also a tax-exempt Association based in Basel, Switzerland.