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Beyond Capital Fund ("BCF") is an impact investment fund that promotes economic development in impoverished communities through our investments. Our focus is in the water, waste and sanitation, healthcare and energy sectors in India and East Africa. We are registered as a public charity. By addressing the lack of seed capital for social businesses, we specialize in providing early-stage financial investment along with management assistance, mentoring and expert advisory services. With our rigorous investment process, our aim is to achieve sustainability and scaled social impact for businesses that operate for the advancement of the population at the base of the economic pyramid.

Our Model is changing the game. Driven by our mission to improve the lives of impoverished individuals and executed with passionate and committed volunteers, we are able to efficiently leverage capital in ways others cannot.

Charitable Donations

We receive donations from foundations, individuals and corporations to fund our investments. Whilst investing for financial as well as social returns, BCF...

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Screening / Due Diligence

Our investment team sources and screens for-profit enterprises in India and East Africa, with social impact as their primary goal. We focus our investments in areas where we...

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Invest Beyond Capital

We support early-stage enterprises with mentoring and pro bono in-kind support through the BCF Mentoring Program, to assist with the development of their business models...

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Invest Capital

We invest seed funding into companies with proven pilots and entrepreneurial track records, utilizing debt, equity and hybrid structures. BCF's unique point of differentiation…

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Continued Support

We continue the relationship with our investees beyond our initial investment. Our team helps them navigate business challenges, attract additional capital, and measure...

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Re-Invest Returns

Returns from exits from our investments are re-invested into new investment ideas, creating a virtuous circle of investment and support of social enterprise. BCF believes...

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The vision for Eva and Hooman Yazhari was to create a process driven approach to sourcing and funding socially minded startups working to improve conditions for the bottom of the pyramid. They wish to bring rigor, discipline and excellence into the allocation of social capital. Since May 2009 Eva and Hooman Yazhari have have built an international reputation for BCF and achieved success in attracting outside donors and partners to contribute to their goals. In addition to incubating BCF, Eva and Hooman have also donated significant amounts of their time and capital to sector-building events and making in-roads into corporates and governments to ease the practice of impact investing.
BCF is a truly global community of partners, volunteers, investees and partners.

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