Beyond Capital is an impact investment fund that invests in
seed-stage, for-profit social enterprises serving impoverished communities throughout India and East Africa.


Our vision is to sustainably increase the quality of life and standard of living for consumers at the bottom of the economic pyramid.


We are an impact investment fund that invests in for-profit social enterprises
throughout India and East Africa. We are dedicated to:


(1) filling the capital gap as the first professional investment
capital invested into a social enterprise,

(2) providing management advisory, pro bono resources, and
mentoring to ensure the enterprise’s success, and

(3) being a long-term partner to help the enterprise maintain
fidelity to its social mission.


We invest early.

Our seed-stage portfolio companies are post-revenue, but only just. They have a defined business model, and are likely raising their first professional capital round in conjunction with seeking grants or repayable loan funding.


We aim to fill the capital gap that exists for early-stage social enterprises, which have a perceived higher risk profile. Our goal is to invest capital that will help social enterprises scale their impact and attract future funding. 

We provide expert management advisory services.

In addition to investment capital, we provide “Beyond Capital” resources to social enterprises as a crucial part of our early stage investment strategy.


Our “Beyond Capital” offerings include provision of pro-bono legal and financial advisory assistance, as well as connection to our network of advisors and involvement in our mentorship program.

We invest donor capital.

Because we are structured as a non-profit, our investment activities are not pressured by a fund horizon.


We intend to be a long-term investor, and a valuable partner to our portfolio companies, providing the "Beyond Capital" resources needed to help ensure all our investees are successful. We can then pursue exit options at the appropriate strategic time for both ourselves and the entrepreneurs we support.

We have a combined 108 years in impact.

We have significant experience investing in the underserved markets of India and East Africa. We are motivated inherently by our mission, understand the local context, and prioritize the success of our portfolio companies. 


Plus, we have successfully built an innovative and cost-effective model to solve one of the industry's greatest problems -  lack of seed capital. In order to invest as much donor capital as possible into our portfolio companies, we keep our overhead costs low.



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1350 Avenue of the Americas, 25th Floor, New York, NY 10019

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Beyond Capital Fund is a registered 501(C)(3) charity.

We are also a tax-exempt Association based in Basel, Switzerland.